The Property

The property is an acre.  It's bordered with blackberry bushes (feel free to eat your way around the perimeter if you're there at the right time of year).  The house is on one end of the property, the barn (with its grapevines) is right next to that, and then the rest of the farm is lawn and an orchard;  I have roses and irises too.  The neighbors are French and Swiss, and it's a mix of regular and weekend homes.

The orchard has fruit and nut trees, some of which produce and some of which don't.  The productive trees include apple, pear, fig, and chestnut.  I have three young hazelnut bushes with truffles in the roots (a gift) that hopefully will grow well over the next few years.  Next to the barn there's also a sage bush and a large rosemary bush, I also planted lavender, and there is a mint plant next to the terrace.

An older cherry tree and apple tree hold a hammock (which I put away when no one's there).  There is a clothesline between the adjoining trees.  I have a picnic blanket, a set of boules, four sun loungers, and table and chairs for eating in front of the barn during the day (there are a few little solar lights at night).  Most of of these things are stored in the barn so they're easier to access outdoors.