House Manual

Coming and Going: House Manual

For keys and directions, ask me.

There are just a few things you need to do to open and close the house.  Wifi and electricity are always on.   More details for everything are in the House Manual; download it below.

1.  Turn on the hot water.
2.  Turn on the gas to the stove/oven (if you want to use it).
3.  Sweep out the cobwebs and put the sheets on your beds.

1.  Turn off the hot water and gas.
2.  Take out the garbage and recycling.
3.  No food left behind (clean up crumbs/clean out perishables in fridge, wipe down stove and countertops; stove should be cleaned with a damp dishtowel or sponge and mild soap only).
4.  Unplug microwave, coffee maker, lamps, and space heaters (and obviously ensure the woodstove and any candles are extinguished).
5.  Close and lock windows and doors; return key to where you got it.
6.  Wash and put away sheets.
7.  Fill the wine cellar.

Closing the house takes more time than opening it, but it's probably nothing more than what you'd do with your own house if you were going away and leaving it for a while (other than the wine cellar -- that step of course is a joke!)

working the woodstove:

download a detailed house manual before your stay

House Manual (docx)